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Looking for Top Quality mountain land with a VIEW?

Featherstone Land Development — Simply the Best

Featherstone in Franklin, NC, offers estate-sized parcels located in the heart of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains.

Long-range mountain views are available from each lot.  PLUS there are creeks, ponds, springs, wide paved roads, and much more!

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Looking for my Music?

Bill Vernon Music Videos
I write and record music as a hobby.

Here are songs for you from my Still Alive Album
Still Alive Album
Just Let Me Dream (4:24)
Government Style (3:56)
Still Alive (4:42)
Doctor Love (4:21)
Standing By You (3:54)
Casualty of Life (4:21)
Bullets First (4:31)
Can't Find a Love (4:10)
Feeling Lucky Tonight (4:03)
Steppin' Out (4:55)
Turning Away (4:55)
Angels in the Snow (5:31)
The Window (3:38)

Looking for Sculpture Information?

Bill Vernon Fine Sculpture

From 1974 until 2004, Bill Vernon Studios produced a wide variety of collectible figurines, gifts, and home decor products. The most popular of these collectibles were The Shade Tree Cowboys and The Series of Evolution.

Our collectibles were all MADE IN THE USA.

We started out in Gainesville, Florida, and then we moved to Franklin, North Carolina.

On May 29, 1998, Bill Vernon Studios in Franklin was destroyed by a fire.

Horrible fire

So many sculptures, the molds, and almost all records were lost.

We did rebuild, but on a much smaller scale.

The fire led to an unplanned mass retirement of ALL Cowboys, with the exception of seven styles that went into "Second Edition" status. These seven first edition styles were slightly modified and were reintroduced as "Limited Editions", limited to a maximum production of 3,500 pieces. The new Limited Edition numbers were 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606, and 607.

We did the best we could to reconstruct the information and historical data on all our sculptures for the benefit of our many collectors.

Many photos had to be scanned in from recovered records. We apologize for some of the lesser quality photos.

The information provided is for the benefit of our Collectors and Collector Societies worldwide.

Passing Gas Sculpture

Shade Tree Cowboys

Cowboy Sculptures

National Value Guide - Cowboys - Updated 3/2013

"But I Didn't Inhale" Cowboy
Story about former President Bill Clinton getting the first sculpture.

Defenders of the Flag Poem

Deer Head Sculpture
The Series of Evolultion

Wildlife Sculptures by Bill Vernon

National Value Guide - Wildlife

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